Welcome to the HIDE-A-WAY!

A brand new support garment for your prolapse bladder. Are you currently walking around with no support whatsoever? I was too. I couldn’t tolerate a pessary and surgery was out of the question.

I suffered a prolapse over ten years ago and I am still dealing with it. I needed a simple support garment that I couldn’t find anywhere. That’s why I created the Hide-a-way. It sits comfortably beneath my stomach and hip area so there is absolutely no feeling of confinement. It is very smooth against my skin and has adjustable elastic straps so I get the exact tension I need. The Hide-a-way never slips or slides or moves in anyway for as long as one has it on.

If you suffer from urine leakage it will accommodate an incontinence pad or light-day pad. During my testing of this garment it helped alleviate leakage in two of the ladies who suffered incontinence. Please read my testimonials. There is also a smaller version of the Hide-a-way as well for the little ladies 5 and up who have dribbles of urine leakage. Many children suffer mild incontinence until they outgrow it.

This garment provides compression up against the vagina area where you need the most support. Just slip it on and adjust it to your comfort. Your underwear fits right over it. Do those pelvic floor exercises, ride your bike or whatever activity you wish. The Hide-a-way is now giving you that extra support that your underwear cannot possibly provide.

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