What is HIDE-A-WAY?

The Hide-a-way is very light-weight and easy to wear. It fits perfectly under your existing underwear so you get double support. The elastic adjustment is in the front of the hide-a-way for easy access. This garment will support stage 1, 2, or the beginning of a protruding prolapse, but unfortunately, it will not cure your prolapse.

The Hide-a-way is a good alternative if you are not able to wear a pessary or you are not interested in prolapse surgery.

This product speaks for itself. The inside gusset is 90% cotton/10% spandex. The elastic straps are 87% Nylon and 13% spandex. The materials inside the sling give the hide-a-way provide good support and you will feel the compression in your vagina area.

The Hide-a-way would also be great for pregnant women who may suffer a prolapse bladder before or after birth. It would provide support in regards to the discomfort of vulvar varicose veins as well. It will also hold a menstrual pad for all those days after childbirth. When wearing the Hide-a-way there is absolutely no pressure anywhere near the stomach area and the best part is, the Hide-a-way does not move at all, once it is on.

The Hide-a-way comes in Regular size, which will fit an 18 inch to 28 inch thigh. Please measure the top of your thigh to confirm it is between 18 inches and 28 inches to fit our Regular size.

For the plus size, it fits 28 inch to 36 inch thigh. Please measure carefully the top of your thigh to confirm it is between 28 and 36 inches for proper fitting.

It is very important that you measure the top of your thigh properly as there are no returns on this item because of the sanitary nature.

It comes in three colors; beige, pink and peach.

If you have any further questions about size, please contact us at our email address(info@prolapsedbladdersupport.com).

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