What are people saying about the Hide-a-way?

Hi Marilyn

    Thank you so much. I received the Hideaway and I've been using it as extra support with my pessary when I exercise. It works well. I can also take longer walks now. Also the the Hideaway is great for the times I want to take out the pessary and give my body a rest from the pessary. What a wonderful invention you have created. Thank you.

    Brenda, Ontario, Canada, April/2018



    I just wanted you to know that my Hideaway arrived yesterday and I love it. It has helped me a lot already. Thanks so much and best wishes.

    Mary, WV, USA, April/2018

Hi Marilyn

    I received my Hideaway today and I am very pleased with it. I was not sure what to expect because my uterus prolapse is very severe. The Hideaway really helps me a lot. Thanks so much for designing such a product to help those of us who do not want surgery. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks again.

Isabel, Newfoundland, April/2018


Hi Marilyn

    I hope you remember me. I am writing to give you my feedback on the Hideaway. I have been using it everyday since I received it. I put it on for my one hour walk and then take it off afterwards. I don't want to get too use to it. I want my own pelvis floor muscles to strenghten with exercise and physio. The Hideaway is very good and I can safely say it works. I would highly recommend it to any woman who has difficulty with stress control or leakage. I have even recommended the Hideaway to my physiotherapist. Thank you so much for the Hideaway.

 Fionnuala, Ireland, March/ 2018


    Just a quick note to say thank you. I have been wearing my Hideaway for a few weeks now. I find it has gone a long way in helping me. I feel more secure and comfortable since I got the Hideaway. I have found that I can continue to do the activities I enjoy without discomfort. It was very easy to adjust the Hideaway to my size and it fits in exactly the right position. Thank you again for the Hideaway.

  Pip, UK, March/2018


 Dear Marilyn

        I found the Hideaway to be a blessing to have the support it gives me. Especially since I am unable to have surgery. I am so pleased that you invented the Hideaway. Thank you.

   Christina, UK, March/2018



       I just love you to pieces! And I love my Hideaway and can't imagine ever going without it! I am in my 70's and have a level 4 cystocele and I am learning to manage it satisfactorily...pain free. Surgery or a pesseary doesn't interest me in the least. I have never encountered someone who had their own successful business who has such a big Christian heart...who truly cares about her clients in such a responsive Christian way to whatever is concerning us! It is so nice that you are my sister in Christ also! Thanks so much Marilyn.

Nancy, Ohio, USA, February 1st, 2018


Hi Marilyn

    I wanted to order a second Hideaway so that I have one to wear while the other one is being washed and drying. I really love the performance of the Hideaway and it is a great invention as an alternative to surgery. Thanks again for such a good product. I am anxiously awaiting for my second Hideaway to arrive. It will be good to have two. Thanks again.


Maryann, PA, USA, February 1st, 2018



    I have a bladder prolapse and was delighted to find out about the Hideaway. I didn't want to have surgery or wear an internal device. I was so pleased to discover there was a support that was worn externally. I have been extremely pleased with my Hideaway! It is comfortalbe, descreet and has helped me to carry on with life in a normal way again. I wear the Hideaway everyday and have ordered a second one. My order was dealt with in an efficient and friendly manner, which is great, thank you. I can absolutely recommend trying the Hideaway for help with prolapse.

Jackie, UK, January 20th, 2018


     Thank you for the delivery of my Prolapse Hideaway Support. I have been wearing it for 2 weeks and I have had instant relief. I can now go about my day in complete comfort. Thank you so much for the Hideaway Prolapse Support Garment.

Diana, Australia, January 15th, 2018

Hello Marilyn

     I am just writing to say I have worn the Hideaway support for the last 3 days now and find it to be a great support. It is so secure and comfortable and I am not bulging out like before while walking around. I was diagnosed with prolapse some years back. The Hideaway is so comfortalbe  I don't even realize I have it on. I definitely recommend your product to those ladies who suffer prolapse. In the Uk where I live they have stopped many prolapse surgeries and do not use mesh anymore. I definitely recommend your product to those ladies who suffer from prolapse. Thank you.

Mary, UK, January 14th, 2018

     Marilyn, I purchased two of your Hideaways, and have been using them for over 2 years now. A testament to the quality of the product because I wear it daily to work! I cannot thank you enough, and I am so glad you are still producing these because I will be buying more soon. I was miserable and uncomfortable for quite awhile, until I found you. I am able to move, walk, bend, lift so much easier and comfortably without the fear of my prolapse "popping out. A million thank you's and maybe you could add this to your testimonials. I am 46 years old and got my prolapse from the birth of my son 19 years ago. The doctor told me I would have to have surgery one day, but apparently NOT thanks to you and the Hideaway.


Stacey Monahan, Florida, October 19th, 2017


Hi Marilyn

        I cannot thank you enough for creating this product the Hideaway. It really does work. I am back to fast walking in the evening and had a wonderful hike yesterday in the mountains not far from where I live. After hiking a couple of miles I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought of my prolapse the whole time. On my last hike, before wearing the Hideaway all I could think about was how uncomfortable my prolapse felt. Thanks again for creating the Hideaway.

Diane, California, September 25th, 2017



      I would like to say that the Hideaway Prolapse Support is a great item to wear. I don't even know that I am wearing it because it is so comfortable. The first day I received it was an adjustment day, adjusting it to fit my body. The Hideaway does keep my bladder in and I am walking much better now then before. I did let the nurse know at our local hospital how much I like wearing this garment and how much it helps me.


Betty, Canada, September, 25th, 2017


Dear Marilyn

        Thank you so much for this brilliant invention you have created. The Hideaway has made such a difference to my life and has given me back my self confidence. Without it I have found everyday to be stressful and a challenging time for me. Thank you so much for the Hideaway. Best Wishes

Maria, Ireland, July 11th, 2017


Hi Marilyn

I did not want to have surgery for my severe prolapse issue and I did not want to have something inserted internally. I am so thankful for the Hideaway. What a relief! Thank you Marilyn and I have shared the Hideaway with other people as well so they can also get help.

Brenda, PA, USA, July 3rd, 2017



I am in the same boat that you are Marilyn, but, I also have a rectocele to boot. Thank goodness for your solution! I have been wearing the Hideaway since it arrived and I am 100% satisfied with your clever creation. The Hideaway provides exactly the support I need as an active senior with no discomfort whatsowever. How ingenious. Thank you so much for supplying this product to those of us who do not desire a surgical solution or in my case a second surgery.

Gratefully, Debbie, MI, United States, June 19th, 2017




I have a uterine prolapse and have tried many pessaries which didn't suit me and gave me a lot of discomfort. I have tried another prolapse garment before I found the Hideaway but it put too much pressure on my stomach and around my waist so I couldn't wear it. Thats what is so wonderful about the Hideaway where it sits on the body. It is a Godsend. I was thinking that surgery would be the only option which I didn't want as I have heard of so many women having problems after surgery. Having found the Hideaway hopefully I do't have to think about surgery anymore. The Hideaway is such an affordable price for such a well made garment that allows us women to purchase as many as we like. Marilyn, you can add my comments to your testimonials as they have been very helpful to me to know there are lots of other women suffering from prolapse out there who are overjoyed as well that they found the Hideaway support. Thank you.

Barbara, UK, May 6th, 2017



My Hideaway arrived yesterday afternoon and I put it on right away. It made a difference betrween a very uncomfortable evening of dinner and a very nice one! Today I am wearing the Hideaway all day long and it has made a huge difference in my comfort level. May God Bless you for coming up with this Hideaway and sharing it with others. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks for all your correspondence too! I can tell that this is your Ministry. Take care Marilyn.

Judy, Texas, March 29th, 2017


I bought the Hideaway recently for my prolapse and I am delighted with it. The Hideaway is undoubtedley the best support I have found for my prolapse and has made a big difference for me. I am very happy to be able to recommend the Hideaway prolapse support to others.

Sheila, Edinburgh, Scotland, March 2017



Thank you so much for inventing the Hideaway and putting it out there on the market. It has changed my life! I have a completly prolapsed uterus, bladder and vagina and the Hideaway keeps it all up and out of the way. I consider the Hideaway the answer to my prayer. I am thankful for it everyday!

Marie, Dallas, USA, March, 2017


Marilyn,   I have been using my Hideaway for a month now and wanted to tell you how helpful it has been. I work in a hospital and I am on my feet all day. There are days now when I feel like I am not wearing the Hideaway at all. In fact I forget that I even have a prolapse most of the time. Thanks so much for such a great product.

Donna, Ontario, Canada, March 2017




I am writing to thank you for designing the Hideaway and then sharing the product with those of us who suffer from prolapse. Since receiving my Hideaway from you I have ordered another one as I wear it all day, everyday, so it is great to have one to use while the other one is being washed. The Hideaway gives me the support and security I need to function throughout the day without worry of everything "falling out." I also want to thank you for going the extra mile to help me work out a solution for getting the right fit. Your Hideaway is giving me the hope that I can deal with this prolapse without surgery. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ann, Manitoba, Canada, March 2017



Marilyn, I just want to say that my mum's life has honestly changed so much since she has been wearing her Hideaway support. She now has a new dog and is out doing heaps of walking. She said to me last night that the Hideway is the best and most life changing gift I have ever given her. Thanks so much Marilyn for creating the Hideaway.

Lyn, New Zealand February 2017


Marilyn, I want to hank you for designing such a simple and easy garment to wear that is so comfortable and so affordable. I have about a stage 3 prolapse and I find walking and standing to be quite uncomfortable and tiring with the feeling of pressure all the time. When I am wearing the Hideaway I almost forget that I have a prolapse. It has made such a difference to my daily activities. Today I have been for a walk and then did quite a bit of gardening. I just couldn't do it without the Hideaway support on. Many thanks.

Pam, Australia, February 2017

Thank you Marilyn for creating the Hideaway support. The Hideaway has helped me so much and you have helped so many other women like me to have a better quality of life. Thank you for making the Hideaway for all of us.

Carole, USA, February 2017



Marilyn, I have been wearing the Hideaway for one week now and it certainly helps with supporting my prolapse. I wear it all day and use a panty liner. I can now go for a long walk knowing that my prolapse isn't going to hang down anymore. I am really happy that I saw your Hideaway product online and thank you for designing it for all of us who suffer prolapse.

Susan, BC Canada, January 2017




I have a stage 4 uterus prolapse. Two doctors suggested I have surgery. I did not want surgery and I am happy to say I found the Hideaway Prolapse Support. I want to tell other ladies that the Hideaway does what is says it was designed to do. It is wonderful to be walking, working and functioning and no longer have that feeling of having a balloon between my legs all the time. The Hideaway is truly comfortable and  I thank you Marilyn for coming up with this wonderful product to help all of us who suffer from prolapse who do not want surgery or a pessary.

Yvonne, PA, USA  January 2017


Marilyn your product The Hideaway is outstanding! I was wearing a pessary and it caused me sores in the vaginal area and I was unable to continue wearing it. I panicked as my uterus prolapse is a stage 3-4. I didn't know how I was going to get through my days with all the pressure and discomfort. I am also a country line dancer and had to stop dancing. I found your Hideaway product on the internet and did share with you how much discomfort I was in with the sores on my prolapse.  You encouraged me to order a Hideaway and it saved my life! It gave me the support I needed and now I can continue my daily activities  including line dancing. Marilyn also provided me with some very good information tips through exchanged emails. I love her product the Hideaway. I am so glad she had the talent and expertise to share her product with all of us ladies looking for an alternative. Thanks Marilyn, you are just awesome!

Diane, Wappingers Falls, NY, USA, October/2016


I am here to share my experience with the Hideaway. Once I started wearing the Hideaway I was able to spend an entire afternoon at my favourite mall, enjoying times with my friends who happened to be there. I even stayed for lunch. I shopped for my daughters birthday present and could actually walk around the store with the sales associate with no pain. I was able to spend all the time I needed to make a selection without feeling that awful pressure down below from prolapse. I actually felt normal again. I made many more stops on the way home, buying groceries, post office etc. I am sending you hugs Marilyn for my beautiful day I experienced and all the beautiful days ahead of me because of the Hideaway product. Thank you and please share this testimonial with all the ladies who suffer from prolapse.


Lucille, PA, USA, October/2016

Hello Marilyn

        Just to let you know that I finally got to see the gynaecologist and I have both a bladder and a bowel prolapse. We did discuss a pessary as well as surgery. I did not feel either was for me. It is now a year since I discovered I had a prolapse and the Hideaway has really helped. I put the Hideaway on automatically in the morning and I am not even aware that I have it on. Please feel free to quote me on this and thanks again for your great invention of the Hideaway. Kind Regards!

Wendy, UK, October/2016


I have been wearing the Hide-a-way and I have had no chafing from urine leakage on the inside of my thighs and my incontinence has improved dramatically. I use to wear three or four pads a day. Now I only wear one pad on my Hide-a-way and by the end of the day my pad only has a few wet spots, not soaked anymore.
I would recommend the Hide-a-way for those who suffer incontinence from their prolapse bladder. It is so comfortable to wear and there is no pinching or binding. I only feel the compression support in the vagina area where I need it for my prolapse. It has changed my life and I am glad I found this product.
-Isabelle, Kitchener, Ontario

Brilliant! Fantastic and I am so proud of you Marilyn for being so inventive and finding a solution for those who cannot or do not want surgery. Thanks for sharing your solution with the rest of us who suffer prolapse. The Hideaway is so simple, its amazing and a shame that nobody thought of it before now. What a wonderfull difference the Hideaway makes. Your great work has freed me from wearing three pair of stretch panties at once to try to hold things up. Now I realize all that pressure that I was putting on my abdomen to try to hold things up. Thanks Marilyn for creating the Hideaway for all of us. Like you I will never be without my Hideaway again. Your new best friend.

Diane,  Il, USA

Marilyn, I received my Hideaway and can immediately tell you that it has a good feeling of support for my prolapse. I really appreciate the fact that you included in your directions for the Hideaway that the adjustable elastic straps can be worn in both the front of the Hideaway or the back. I wear my elastic straps in the back for my rectocele prolapse. The Hideaway is very comfortable and the quality of the material is very good as well.  I suggest you tell others who are looking at the Hideaway that it not only helps prolapse bladder, but prolapse rectocele and prolapse uterus. I wouldn't want those ladies to think it only works for one prolapse. Thank you for this product and please keep up the good work!

Sallie , California

Marilyn, I have been wearing the Hideaway for a month now and I am very happy. The Hideaway with its excellent design gave me instantaneous support. This is very important both physically and phychologically so that one does not lose hope that things can improve. I find for me it feels best to wear the Hideaway over my underwear. I am glad it can be worn over or under the existing underwear.  Wearing the Hideaway gives me the support and confidence to undertake the walking regimen which would otherwise have been too uncomfortable always worrying about the prolapse falling further and being stretched more. I cannot thank you enough for your ingenuity, tanacity and sheer common sense in seeing the need for going on to develop the Hideaway for all of us. Thank you very much!

Gillian, United Kingdom

The Hideaway garment is really helping me Marilyn. The number of times a day that I was running to the bathroom has let up as well. I don't feel all that pressure anymore that I used to feel. In fact I hardly remember that I am wearing the Hideaway because it is  so comfortable. Thank you so much for sharing it with others who suffer prolapse. I will be sharing the Hideaway with my friends as well or anyone else who suffers from prolapse.

Mary, Texas


To all the ladies who are dealing with some kind of prolapse. I found Marilyn's site on my computer. I needed support that would work from the outside as I did not want anything inserted up inside of me. My prolapse would get worse into the day and early evening. A full stomach would also set it off. I told Marily my situation and she helped me with her advice as to what to do. I have been wearing the Hideaway for over two weeks now and I love it. It fits just right as I have learned to adjust the straps for a secure fit. I have no more fellng of prolapse late in the day. The Hideaway is very easy to adjust and comfortable to wear as well. I know many women could benifit from the Hideaway if they only knew about it. Thanks Marilyn for the Hideaway.

Jeannie, California


I highly recommend the Hide-a-way to anyone with a prolapse. I have a severe stage 4 prolapse bladder and I need the Hide-a-way for support. My underwear alone does not give me any support at all for my prolapse. I do not want bladder surgery and I cannot wear a pessary. The Hide-a-way is a good alternative and I am glad to have it in my daily attire. It is very comfortable and easy to wear. It fits right under my underwear.
-Susie, California


I have suffered a prolapse for several years and I was looking for something to give me support in the vagina area. I finally found it in the Hide-a-way. What a great product. It gives me all the support I need and it does not interfere with my daily life in anyway. I feel better now that I am wearing the Hide-a-way. It gives me the lift I need to make me feel like I am not falling out of myself anymore. I like the fact that this product is not cumbersome and doesn’t look like a clinical garment. It looks very feminine and I feel very good when I wear it.
-Joan, Kitchener, Ontario


I wasn’t sure if the Hide-a-way would help me or not with my prolapse bladder. My prolapse is just starting to protrude out of my private area. Not wanting surgery I knew I had to find something that would prevent my prolapse from falling any further. Well I finally found what I was looking for. I tried the Hide-a-way on and it fit me perfectly. No fuss, no pressure on my stomach, lots of room to move and just the right support in the vagina area. My life has changed now that I am wearing the Hide-a-way and I feel much more confident. I don’t have to worry about my prolapse falling out anymore as long as I have my Hide-a-way on. I recommend you try this product for your prolapse. Good luck and hope you get the same satisfaction as I have.
-Carolyn, Cambridge Ontario


My prolapse has been falling further and further down into the vagina area. It is only a matter of time before it starts to protrude out of my vagina. Thank goodness the Hide-a-way came along. It is the perfect garment to help give me the support I need. Without it there is no support at all. I find that after wearing the Hide-a-way for a couple of weeks now my incontinence has improved significantly. I wear one incontinence pad a day on the Hide-a-way. The Hide-a-way accommodates a pad very easily and both the pad and the Hide-a-way stay in place without moving at all. I am almost completely dry at the end of the day. This is a huge improvement for me. I would recommend the Hide-a-way to anyone who has a prolapse or incontinence.
I love my Hide-a-way
-Jackie, Kitchener, Ontario


I have been wearing the Hideaway for several weeks now, and I am still amazed at how well it works. Sometimes I have to stand for hours at work, and I would be exhausted and in severe pain from the weight of the bladder pulling down. It was an awful feeling as well. I did a lot of research on remedies for this issue, but decided I did not want to have surgery. I also wished I could invent something that would help out. Your product works better than I had anticpated and I am so glad you took the time to invent this solution. I am no longer completely exhausted at work. It is definitely filling a void. I was quite amazed at the lack of solutions other than surgery. If not for the Hideway I'd still be in a lot of pain. I now go about my days forgetting that I have a prolapse. Whereas before it was a constant problem. Its amazing. Thank you and I plan on ordering another one soon.

-Vicki, PA, USA

 I would recommend the Hideaway to any ladies who have prolapse. I was looking for something that was not binding around my tummy but gave the support underneath that I needed for my prolapse. I am now wearing the Hideaway whenever I am on my feet for sometime and it gives me the confidence that all is being supported. I don't have to worry anymore. I would recommend the Hideaway to any ladies who have a prolapse. I was delighted to learn that you were using the Hideaway yourself personally Marilyn and you were kind enough to go through the stages of marketing this to help other ladies too.

-Patricia, Brighton, Uk


This prolapse garment is wonderful. I have used other prolapse garments, they worked for me but an odd side affect the way they had to be worn on the stomach that made me look like I was five months pregnant. I have a prolapsed bladder and a rectocele. When I saw the photof of the way this Hideaway garment was to be worn, low on the body, I did have my doubts that the is could stay in place and provide the support I needed. I am happy to say that the Hideaway does support me fully and feels comfortable at the same time. I love this product. Thank you so much for developing it for us!

-Anita, Miami Florida


I became aware of this product about 2 1/2 weeks after my surgery. I was extremely uncomfortable and felt like everything was falling out. I thought if this garment can support prolapse before surgery then it can support me after surgery. As soon as I received the Hideaway I put it on and had instant relief. No more holding the pressure down below with my hand! The extra support the Hideaway gave me allowed my body to heal. I got use to wearing this garment very quickly and continued to feel no more pressure below. I didn't realize how much it was helping me until I started to hurt one day when I realized I was not wearing the Hideaweay. I put it on and again instant relief. This happened twice so there is no mistake that this Hideaway was doing the job I needed it to do. I am really thankful for this product and it sure gave me the relief I needed when I needed it. I wish I knew about this product a long time ago. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.

-Trish, United Kingdom


I love my Hideaway. Nothing presses on my stomach. It is so comfortable that I forget I am wearing it. I went for a two mile walk today and the Hideaway made so much difference. I am so happy with it. I feel lucky to have found the Hideaway. It took me awhile to find your web page, but so glad I did. I have learned to adjust the Hideaway just perfect for me. I find it so helpful in fitness class as well. I am very delighted. Thank you for the Hideaway product.



Hi Marilyn. I would like to say how pleased I am with my Hideaway. It is comfortable and gives good support. It is working for me well at the moment until I decide to have surgery. Thanks for all your support and information when it comes to your Hideaway. Kind regards!

- Dieta, UK


The Hideaway is perfect. Can't believe how simple and comfortable it is. It stays on properly all day long. So truly indebted to you. You did more for me  than any hospitals were able to do for me. I might add life is very stressful here as a caregiver and the prolapse aspect is one situation at least is now already a heck of a lot better for me thanks to the Hideaway. Thanks for your amazing product and all the support you have given me.Your entire enterprise is fantastic and I hope a lot of women find out about the Hideaway.

-Moyra, Uk


I find this Hideaway support product pretty miraculous. It makes such a difference for me now that I am wearing it. Thanks so much for creating the Hideaway!

- Sara Weeden, Ontario

The Hideaway is a great support for me. I use it while taking my pelvic floor exercises and it helps give me all the support I need for my daily living. It really helps support my prolapse and I am so use to it , I forget that I even have it on. Thanks for sharing this product with all the ladies who suffer from prolapse.

-Angela, New Zealand

I am very happy with my Hideaway. It provides me with good support and thank you so much for creating this ingenious product.

Andrea, Nova Scotia


 I have been wearing my Hideaway for a couple of weeks now. I wear the adjustable elastic straps at the back instead of the front of the garment due to my rectocele prolapse being worse. I hve got the elastic adjusted just right. I must say I feel so free like I don't even have a rectocele now. I can do my morning workouts and no longer feel like"everything is falling out." I also fee much more comfortable doing my shopping now and standing on my feet. This is an amazing product and thank you again for sharing such a great product.

-Natalie, Nova Scotia


I would like to offfer the following testimonial for the Hideaway. I was so thrilled to get my Hideaway and it works great! After tryinig different ways of wearing the little support garment, I prefer wearing it over my undies. That way the straps aren't directly on my skin. For those of you who are wearing it either way it is just as effective over the undies as under the undies. It doesn't take that long to get used to wearing this support-think back to your first bra- ummm, only a bit lower! This discreet support does wonders for my comfort and my confidence. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend purchasing the Hideaway!

-Colleen , Texas


I am so glad I ordered the Hideaway from you. I just do not want to undergo surgery. I wear it everyday. The Hideaway is so comfortabe and does not press on my stomach and it supports my prolapse. I especially like to wear it when I am exercising or taking walks. Thanks for making the garment available to help us ladies.

- Linda, Georgia


 I would like to say how pleased I am with the Hideaway. It really helps support the prolapse I have been dealing with. It is very comfortable and I don't even know I have it on. I am so grateful for this product and that it has given me some relief until I decide what to do if I ever consider surgery. Thank you for sharing your Hideaway as it is a great product.

- Marlene, MN


 Just want to let you know that I am very happy with the Hideaway. While it was primarily deigned as a support garment for ladies with prolapse I have been trialling it now for several months for my uterine prolapse. I have stage 3 prolapse but I am not keen to have a hysterectomy or to use a pessary. I had some improvement working with posture and exercise but there was still that unpleasant "falling out sensation" as the day wore on. Plus often feeling like I need to to the toilet when I didn't. Both these things seem to be alleviated when I wear the Hideaway. I also love the fact that it is so slim , comfortable and light. I use an ultra thin panty liner made from organic cotton in conjuction with the Hideaway. I have been aware of my prolapse uterus for 3 years now. I would recommend the Hideaway to anyone wishing to avoid surgery or using a pessary.

- Maggie, Australia


Since I have received my Prolapse Hideaway support garment I have found it to be very comfortable and helpful. I am able to walk further and continue to be as active as I wish and be comfortable at the same time. I continue to do pelvic floor exercises and can do the classes with more comfort now. I will not go without my Hideaway. Thank you for designing a solution for so many of us suffering with this prolapse problem. This is a wonderful alternative for those not choosing surgery or a pessary.

- Margaret, Ontario Canada


 I am writing to let you know that the Hideaway I ordered from you has been a life saver! I have a bladder prolapse and have had this problem since 2002. Until I have no other choice but surgery, if I need surgery, the Hideaway is my life saver! I use it when standing or walking for long periods of time. What a difference it makes! I followed the directions you included with my Hideaway and watched your video on how to wear it. The Hideaway works well and is very comfortable. Most of all it gives support that I need in this condition! I would recommend the Hideaway to anyone who has this condition and who wants or needs to prolong surgery. Thank for your the Hideaway!!!

- Mary Jane, Las Vegas


- I am really happy with my Hideaway. It is brilliant! I can exercise and play golf again with great confidence now. Thanks so much Marilyn for inventing the Hideaway for all of us who suffer prolapse.

Heather, California


















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